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QUESTION 1: .Why was the Century Challenge Club / 100 Spares Challenge created?

ANSWER: .The simple answer... to help bowlers improve their scores.

The actual answer is a bit more complex. For example, to grow the sport it is essential to come up with creative ways to get bowlers to practice the 'lesser glamorous' aspects of bowling; i.e., shooting spares.

Spare shooting is a fundamental part of bowling yet it gets so little consideration because of today's pre-occupation with throwing more strikes. So why not recognize those who dedicate his or her time towards improving their spare games?

QUESTION 2: .Is there a time limit to how long it takes to complete a 100 Spares Challenge?

ANSWER: .NO... take as much time as you need. These are NOT intended to be completed in one marathon practice session. Besides, attempting 100 spare shots and successfully converting 100 spares are two totally conversations.

Get started slowly, say one game's worth of 7-pin or 10-pin spare shooting. Before you know it, you will be on your way towards completing your first 100 Spares Challenge.

QUESTION 3: .When was the Century Challenge Club / 100 Spares Challenge created and launched?

ANSWER: .September 2015

QUESTION 4: .Is there a membership fee to be a part of the Century Challenge Club / 100 Spares Challenge?

ANSWER: .NO... it is totally free. There is no cost to the bowlers.

The Century Challenge Club / 100 Spares Challenge, its website and other developmental materials are paid for by
the U.S. High School Bowling Foundation.

QUESTION 5: .Why is there is Century Challenge Club / 100 Spares Challenge free?

ANSWER: .Similar to answer #1, this program was created to promote bowling. It is a simple, yet effective, way to bring attention to a fundamental aspect of the sport utilizing proven methods of spare shooting development.

More 100 Spares score sheets will be added in the future.

QUESTION 6: .Since the "Century Challenge Club" and the "100 Spares Challenge" materials are copywritten, are other individuals, coaches or teams allowed to use them?

ANSWER: .YES!!! The "Century Challenge Club" and "100 Spares Challenge" materials are totally free to use. All that is asked is that credit is given to its developer, Michael Nyitray, USBC Gold Certified Coach.

QUESTION 7: .How is the United States High School Bowling Foundation (USHSBF) funded?

ANSWER: .The USHSBF if funded totally by donations. It is registered with the State of Florida as a non-for-profit entity working to promoting the growth of high school bowling throughout the country. Along with Century Challege Club / 100 Spares Challenge website, other USHSBF websites include:

U.S. High School Bowling Foundation - www.ushsbf.org
.... Broward County High School Bowling - www.hsbowling.org

If you wish to make a tax deductable contribution, checks can be made out to the USHSBF and sent to the address below. Please provide your contact information with your check so a receipt of your donation can be mailed, or e-mailed, to you.

6687 NW 110 Way
Parkland, FL 33076

QUESTION 8: .Can donors remain anonymous?

ANSWER: .YES. While we would be happy to display any donor's generosity, we respect anyone's wishes to remain anonymous.

QUESTION 9: .Can I contact the Century Challenge Club / 100 Spares Challenge by e-mail?

ANSWER: .YES. Any inquiries can be sent to:. 100spares@gmail.com

Century Challenge Club & 100 Spares Challenge were created by Michael Nyitray, USBC Gold Certified Coach -- Copyright 2015
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