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- Saudi Arabia -

Signing "Head Coach contract" with
Dr. Mohammed Al-Bazi,
President of Saudi Bowling Federation

Saudi Arabia

The signing of a contract isn't complete
without "shaking on it."
(Photos are of the Saudi Royal Family)

"Traditional Saudi Meal" with the
Saudi National Team prior to leaving for
FIQ Asian Zone in Seoul, Korea
Jeddah, SA

Dr. Bilal Al-Jiffry
Dr. Mohammed Al-Bazi
& Mike in Riyadh Bowling Club
Riyadh, SA

Meeting with Mashari Al-Subaihi,
Secretary General of the
Saudi Bowling Federation
Riyadh, SA

Team Saudi Arabia - Team UAE - Team Qatar
1996 FIQ Asian Zone Championships
Seoul, Korea

Saudi Arabia Jr. National Team
1996 Junior World Championships
Hong Kong

1996 G.C.C. C'ships
Team Saudi Arabia
Doha, Qatar

1996 FIQ Asian Zone
Team Saudi Arabia
Seoul, Korea

Farewell dinner with some of the bowlers from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Dhafer Al-Shary & myself
"unhappy" about saying farewell.

Dhafer Al-Shary & Mohamed Al-Dosseri
giving me a "token of appreciation"
from the bowlers in Riyadh.

Essam Al-Sheikh & Ali Jaffer talking (not so) long distance.

Everybody is "unhappy" about saying farewell.