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Imagine an everyday wheelchair that can transform into a performance wheelchair with the push of a button. And when finished with his or her activity, the user pushes the button again to return to a neutral position for everyday activity..

The Crossover multi-purpose Mobility Platform allows users to have both in the same wheelchair. Historically wheelchairs have been built with a specific function in mind – general mobility or specialized activity...

Crossover Mobility’s. patented technology (#9,056,036 / #8,985,600 / #8,684,398) allows nearly any motorized wheelchair to become a multi-purpose wheelchair, as the invention provides an unprecedented increase in range of motion.. We are currently pursuing FDA approval.

The following is a brief description of what our technology can do:

  • Adjustable wheelchair seat provides variable amount of lateral shift -- right and left
  • Variable amount of left and right tilt capability
  • Lateral shift and tilt functions are independent of each other
  • Each lateral shift and tilt functions can have their own command switch and can be engaged independently or simultaneously

As for enhanced performance capabilities, our adjustable wheelchair seat provides an unprecedented increased range of motion to each side and to the ground.. The applications of this technology in the wheelchair sports offer the performance-driven wheelchair market with an entirely new functionality.. As for everyday use, our invention offers users an increased range of motion, thus improving their quality of life.

Public Relations value

This technology is unique to a space that has more than 3.1 million users in the U.S. alone.. There are increased public relations values for any company offering such an innovative product to the wheelchair user industry.

Licensing / Strategic Partner / Funding

We are looking to establish a licensing relationship with an existing manufacturer, find a strategic partner, or someone interested in funding for retail development for the consumer market.

Thank you for your interest in the Crossover multi-purpose Mobility Platform.. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Michael Nyitray

Crossover Chair offset and tilted to the right (also fully functioning to the left)
Offset & Tilted


Crossover Chair offset only
. Offset only


Crossover Chair in the neutral position
.... Neutral
.. .Position

Example of the Crossover Chair for bowling with descriptions

.......Crossover Chair on side slope .......Crossover Chair user touching the ground

......Photo of Electronic Level .... The versatility of the shifting and tilting adjustments allows the user
........... 8 degrees of slope ...... to directly pick up items from the ground while remaining fully seated.


It is clear the performance of the Crossover multi-purpose Mobility Platform has many possibilities.. The best part is that it is modular component that can be fitted beneath virtually any seat of an existing wheelchair or one to be constructed.

Aside from an enhanced range of motion, the real value for any product line is that it will also enhance vehicle stability on uneven ground.. With the focus on real-world mobility, meaning the great outdoors, enhanced stability during an active lifestyle is a logical next step.

Helping people, both in the sporting and the everyday world, is the inspiration for Crossover Technologies.. We hope you will consider including our technology with yours to provide a further degree of unprecedented wheelchair performance. It would also provide another “Press Release” opportunity for your company.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any reason. We look forward to hearing from you.

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