WrldMike Bowling

Coaching Certifications

.................... USBC Bowling GOLD Certified (class of 2000)
USA Bowling Silver Certified
USA Bowling Bronze Certified
USA Bowling ADVANCED Sport Psychology II
USA Bowling Sport Psychology I
Junior Olympic Level II Certified
Junior Olympic Level I Certified

Bowling Experience

Member of the Professional Bowlers Association for 10 years (1980-1989)
Member of Team USA in 1994 (alt)

Bowling Accomplishments

27 - 300 games in both sanctioned league and tournaments
16 - 800 series (3 games) in both sanctioned league and tournaments

Second person in the bowling history to roll sanctioned 300 games
on three (3) different continents. (North America, Europe and Asia)


Florida State Youth USBC "Hall of Fame" for Meritorious Service in 2014
(Only person inducted in all three state hall of fames)

Florida State USBC "Hall of Fame" for Meritorious Service ('13) and Ability ('06)
(Only person inducted into both Florida State USBC Hall of Fames)

Greater Miami USBC Bowling Association's "Hall of Fame" for Ability in 1992
(Youngest man ever inducted into the G.M.B.A. "Hall of Fame", at age 29)


Inducted into the Broward College "Alumni Hall of Distinction" as their
inaugural Emerging Leader Award recipient in 2012

Michael Nyitray
Parkland, FL

Mike Nyitray standing in front of the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO

2012 & 2010
U.S. Olympic Committee

National Developmental
Coach of the Year

2012 USOC National Developmental Coach of the Year
2010 USOC National Developmental Coach of the Year

2012, '11, '10, '08 USOC Developmental Coach of the Year for BOWLING

USBC 2013 Joyce Deitch UNITY Award
USBC 2009 Kerm Helmer Horizon Award
2008 David Dahms Coach of the Year

Coaching Experience / Service to the Sport

Founder of Broward County High School Bowling - 2010 to PRESENT

Created with support of the FHSAA, high school bowling in Broward County is unique in two ways. It is both a Singles & Team league system; and it is a Club sport at the County level... and a Varsity sport in the State level.
Click here to go to Broward County High School Bowling - www.hsbowling.org

  • Served as head coach for bowling for numerous high schools throughout Broward County.
  • Head Coach for Gulliver Preparatory School's varsity boys and girls teams during the 2009-10 and 2008-09 high school seasons. Served as a volunteer coach during the 2007-08 and 2006-07 seasons.
  • International coaching experiences has been in five different countries across 4 continents.
  • First U.S. bowling coach ever to win a World Championship
    Gold medal with a foreign country
  • Head Coach for the University of Miami Bowling Team during the 2000-01 collegiate season.
  • Hosted numerous WorldMike WorkShops and Youth and Senior Clinics throughout South Florida and other States across the U.S.
  • USA - Guest National Team Coach

  • THAILAND - National Head Coach

  • SAUDI ARABIA - National Head Coach

  • SWEDEN - Club Head Coach

  • BRAZIL - Clinics and Lessons

  • VENEZUELA - State Head Coach
International Coaching Resume


1992-1995 Head Coach for BK Örnen, Swedish National League


1992-93 Season:
1st Place in the All-Sweden Division - SWEDISH NATIONAL LEAGUE
1st Place in the Challenge Team Cup - Norrköping, Sweden
1st Place in the Elite Division Qualifying Tournament - Örebro, Sweden

1993-94 Season:
1st Place in the Challenge Team Cup - Norrköping, Sweden
9th Place in the Elite (Pro) Division - SWEDISH NATIONAL LEAGUE

1994-95 Season:
1st Place in the Challenge Team Cup - Norrköping, Sweden
6th Place in the Elite (Pro) - SWEDISH NATIONAL LEAGUE

BK Ornen's 1-pin victory over BK Kaskad

BK Ornen's celebration party after winning the 1993 Elite Series Qualifying Tournament

BK Örnen's victory over BK Kaskad in
Hageby Center, Norrköping, Sweden.
- November 1993

Åke Bjerselius (center), Club Chairman,
celebrating BK Örnen's (first ever) victory
in the Elite Series Qualification Tournament
- May 1993

Reference: Åke Bjerselius, owner, Vilbergan Super Bowl AB
Phone: (46) 11-123-870 Fax: (46) 11-123-850



1995 Head Coach for Thailand National Team

1995 FIQ World Championship - Reno, USA

1995 FIQ World Champions

1995 FIQ World Championships
Women's Doubles

1995 SouthEast Asian Games (SEA Games) - Rayong, Thailand

4 Gold Medals

1st Men's Doubles
1st Women's Team
1st Women's All-Events
1st Men's MASTERS

2 Silver Medals

2nd Women's Singles
2nd Men's Team

4 Bronze Medals

3rd Women's Singles
3rd Women's Trios
3rd Men's Trios
3rd Women's All-Events

1995 SEA Games Masters Champion

1995 SEA Games Doubles Champions

1995 SEA Games All-Events Champion

1995 SEA Games
Men's Masters

1995 SEA Games
Men's Doubles

1995 SEA Games
Women's All-Events

Reference: Kasem Theerakulchai, Manager of the 1995 Thai National Team.
Phone: (66) 1-646-5244   Fax: (66) 2-991-4070

Saudi Arabia

1996-97 Head Coach for Saudi Arabia National Team

Gulf Co-Operative Council (GCC) Championships - Doha, Qatar

Youth All-Events

1st Place

Men's Singles

2nd Place

1996 Junior Team Saudi Arabia

1996 Team Saudi Arabia

1996 G.C.C. C'ships
Team Saudi Arabia
Doha, Qatar

1996 FIQ Youth World C'ships
Junior Team Saudi Arabia
Hong Kong

1996 FIQ Asian Zone
Team Saudi Arabia
Seoul, Korea


Reference: Dr. Mohammed Al-Bazi, President, Saudi Bowling Federation
Phone: (966) 1-482-3055  Fax: (966) 1-482-3006



1997 (July & Aug.)
Hired privately for clinics and individual lessons


1997 Brazil National Champion - B Grade

Marcia Mori
1997 Brazil National Women's Champion - "B" Grade
(This was Marcia's first career tournament victory)


Reference: Fabio Rezende, Member of Brazilian National Team
Phone: (55) 11-522-1546


1998 (April)
Hired by Brasilia State Federation for clinics and individual lessons.

Reference: Asdrubal Brandao, Technical Director of the Brasilia Bowling Federation
Phone: (55) 61-976-8637 Fax: (55) 61-274-1919



1997 Head Coach for Carabobo State Team


October '97
Conducted "10 day Clinic" for Carabobo State Juvenile Team. Clinic held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, U.S.A.

November-December '97
Prepared the State of Carabobo Juvenile Team for the Venezuela National Juvenile Championships,
which is officially known as "XII Juegos Deportivos Nacionales Junveniles".

XII Juegos Deportivos Nacionales Juveniles - Valencia, Venezuela

2 Silver Medals

Men's Singles
Men's Masters

4 Bronze Medals

Women's Doubles
Women's Team
Men's Trios
Men's Team

1997 Carabobo's Womens Team

Mike Nyitray in Valencia, Venezuela

1997 Carabobo's Mens Team

Team Carabobo
Women's - Bronze Medal
Valencia, Venezuela

Mike Nyitray
Valencia, Venezuela
December 8, 1997

Team Carabobo
Men's - Bronze Medal
Valencia, Venezuela

Reference: Gladys Fernandez, Member of Carabobo Bowling Federation
Phone: (58) 41-248-090

To contact Mike, e-mail him at:  worldmike@aol.com