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From 2003 to 2014, Bowling Ball Info (BBI) was the premier website for bowling ball information. Unfortunately, repeated site intrusions (aka, hacked) in late 2013 and early 2014 made it financially impossible for BBI to continue. Future implementation of the 40,000-plus variables of BBI's database is being considered.

The following is a sample description of the powerful search features BBI provided...

Bowling Ball Info, Inc. (BBI) was a website company that worked with all the bowling ball manufacturers to bring you the latest information available on every ball in the marketplace. BBI’s format was straightforward, easy to use and offered a wealth of information never before available. Whether a hi-tech, multi-variable search or a simple ball search, BBI literally covered all the bases. Choosing a ball was never easier!

BBI was created by USAB/USBC GOLD Certified Coach Mike Nyitray and internet marketing expert Don Rosenthal.. Developed from a coach’s perspective, the entire BBI website put all bowling ball information literally at your fingertips helping to choose the best bowling ball for a particular bowling style and lane condition. Features located within the free Basic Search areas include: Basic Ball Search, Ball Lists, Style Analyzer, Ball Comparison, Manufacturer Website Links, Manufacturer Drilling Links, Theme Ball Lists and Latest Ball Releases.

The Advanced Membership section was, however, the true strength of BBI’s website. Types of membership include 1-month and 1-year subscriptions. Their powerful search engines provide four different ways to search for current and past bowling balls: Advanced Ball Search, Advanced Ball Lists, Advanced Style Analyzer and Side-by-Side Ball Comparison.

Advanced Ball Search

Allows you to search by any combination of 24 ball descriptions or specifications and get a list of all balls that meet your search criteria.

Advanced Ball Lists

A quick and easy way to locate any ball by Manufacturer or by Ball Name, which also lists each ball's coverstock and core specifications.

Advanced Style Analyzer

Get a recommendation of the best balls available for any style for a particular lane condition. You’ll also receive detailed ball drilling suggestions to match your style.

Side-by-Side Ball Comparison

View the specifications on any two bowling balls from our extensive database in an easy to read
side-by-side format.

With all of the different specifications, coverstocks and core designs being developed no one person can keep up with every ball. BBI’s on-line information service reduced the frustrations making hi-tech very understandable. By helping pro shop personnel better understand the technical make-up of any ball they were able to make better ball recommendations to their clientele.

BBI was an unbiased and independent source that based their ratings and descriptions on numerous technical information across ALL manufacturers. Behind the scenes ran complex programming packages that took several years to create. No longer did it require to wade through stacks of magazines when you had the power of the world's most comprehensive ball information website just a few clicks away?

Whether helping a beginner bowler choose a ball based on price and color, or helping an advanced bowler find a ball with specific performance ratings, BBI instantly made you an authority on all ABC/WIBC/USBC approved balls produced since 1991.

Free trial memberships were available to all IBPSIA members!

A special arrangement was made between BBI and IBPSIA whereby all IBPSIA members can receive a 1-week free membership to BBI's Advanced Membership section. Going to and clicking on the IBPSIA free trial link provided the entire bowling ball industry at your fingertips. With BBI, choosing a bowling ball was never easier!

Bowling Ball Info (BBI) membership discount for USBC Sport Bowling members

50% off BBI memberships were available USBC Sport Bowling members!

For several years, BBI worked with the USBC in supporting their Sport Bowling program. All bowlers who purchased USBC Sport Bowling membership were provide a 50% discount on annual memberships with Bowling Ball Info.

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